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Advantages of Steel Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine using microcomputer control, the automatic adjustment of steel, automatic hydraulic cut off. Next Xiaobian mainly talk about the advantages of steel bar straightening and cutting machine.

1. A special design structure, easy to deal with ribbed steel straightening, straightening ribbed steel bar does not hurt.

2. Curved steel bar straightening machine to improve the straightening effect of steel bars to prevent the axial reinforcement of steel bars.

3. Two steel bars can be pressed separately to pull the mechanism to ensure that the two reinforced synchronization requirements.

4. The design of a unique level of straightening institutions, respectively, for each steel bar straightening, not only to improve the horizontal direction of the straightening effect, but also to ensure that the two parallel to the steel, thus ensuring the quality of bending bending.

5. The vertical straightening mechanism, respectively, for each steel bar straightening, to ensure the quality of steel straightening.

6. All the rollers are made of quality alloy steel, high hardness, good wear resistance, improve the service life.

7. Near the corner there are steel forming control bar, to ensure the quality of bending.

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