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Drawing principle and advantages of Cold draw bench machine
- May 17, 2018 -

Due to the different design of the bed structure, the cold-drawing machine can be divided into several different types, namely three separate and frame type. According to its transmission method, the Cold draw bench machine can be divided into chain type, hydraulic transmission type, rack type, screw type and other types of drawing machines. Next we come together to understand some of the content of the device.


First of all, share the principle of drawing machine equipment. In the course of its operation, the pulling trolley is mainly supported by two I-shaped guide rails, which run along the I-shaped guide rail under the driving force of the main cylinder. The main cylinder and the pull trolley can be axially fixed to the trolley body by an adjustable split-type piston. When the steel pipe is drawn, the core rod is first threaded into the inner hole of the pipe, and then the core is installed, and then the front end of the steel pipe that has been put on the core is pushed out of the socket.


In accordance with the correct operation of the Cold draw bench machine into the normal drawing working state, it should be noted that, at the end of drawing, pre-tighten the cylinder movement, the die release the steel pipe fork to promote the drawing of the finished pipe off the body At the same time, the slider moves in the opposite direction, so that the plug head quickly exits the tube so as to smoothly discharge. The device uses a receding mandrel device, which shows some special advantages in practical applications:


First of all, compared with other similar equipment, the use of cold drawn steel pipe will get a higher degree of concentricity. This is because the hydraulic transmission runs smoothly. In addition, the structure ensures that the drawing force action line is exactly the same as the axis of the steel pipe, the axis of the inner and outer molds, and the axis of the mandrel. This improves the accuracy of the product, does not produce radial runout, and its coaxiality And the straightness is high.


Secondly, the structural design of the Cold draw bench machine itself is relatively simple, the processing cost is low, and it has good use performance. Not only that, the basic design of the cold-drawing machine is also relatively simple, which saves a lot of basic equipment costs. When the device is operated, the drawing speed can be smoothly adjusted over a wide range, and the operation is flexible and convenient.