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Advantages of Double Chain Cold Draw Bench and Analysis of Market Development
- Jan 27, 2018 -

The use of double chain cold draw bench can cold drawing processing different sizes of seamless steel pipe, in comparison, the device can not only significantly improve the processing quality, but also greatly improve the operating efficiency. At the same time in the use of double-strand drawing machine, but also can significantly reduce the labor intensity of staff.


In short, double chain cold draw bench in the improvement of product quality and yield rate has obvious advantages. In fact, cold drawing is a very important processing method at present when processing seamless steel tubes. With the development of the market, the domestic labor cost is on the rise. Therefore, the steel pipe enterprises are eager to adopt more advanced equipment to complete the production requirements.


Therefore, double-strand drawing machine has a good market prospects and practical value. Why do you say that? In fact, the device belongs to a more advanced drawing machine, which has many advantages, as follows:


First, using a double chain cold draw bench that can maintain production operations with smaller pitches while maintaining the same tension size, and the entire process of transmission stable, can significantly improve the drawing speed. Especially after the DC motor is applied, the equipment can be adjusted in a wide range. The user can adopt the working system of low-speed bite-in, high-speed drawing and speed reducing and pulling, which greatly improves the quality of extubation , And increased productivity.


Second, during the operation of the double-strand cold-drawing machine, not only the whole working process is quite smooth, but also the quality of the pull-out material can be guaranteed because its pull-out force direction and the pull-out center line coincide with each other.


Third, double-strand drawing machine in addition to these advantages above, the collection of finished products also have more advantages. Generally after the drawing, the tube can be dropped between the two chains and rolled down along the ramp to the finished material frame. As a result, not only eliminating the need for pulling devices, and double-chain drawing machine also shorten the auxiliary time.