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Advantages of Steel Tube Cold Draw Bench
- Dec 16, 2017 -

In the steel pipe manufacturing, steel tube cold draw bench is an essential production and processing equipment, at present, most of our large-scale steel tube cold draw bench for the mechanical type, mainly when using the reducer and the chain drive, traction And pull system.

The main advantages of steel tube cold draw bench

1. Pipe drawing precision. Due to the smooth running of the hydraulic drive, the structure ensures the concentricity between the pulling force and the pipe center, thereby improving the product precision. Of course, this is a mechanical incomparable feature.

2. Tube drawing machine pulling length. Long cylinder hydraulic drawing machine due to the length of the limitations of their equipment, leading to be drawn steel length has also been limited. But the new hydraulic drawing machine has fundamentally overcome this shortcoming.

3. Easy to manufacture The new hydraulic drawing machine only the bed and the body is a large structural parts, the other are not particularly difficult to process parts, so more convenient to manufacture.

4. The overall quality of equipment is relatively light.

5. Low manufacturing costs.

6. Easy maintenance, lower cost. Because of the small parts, and are relatively simple parts, so easy to repair. And not many wearing parts, the corresponding spare parts cost is not high.

7. Small footprint, you can save capital investment costs.

8. Low noise. Reduce the noise pollution in the working environment, improve the working conditions of workers.