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Advantages of vertical and horizontal steel tube straightening machines
- Jul 07, 2018 -

In the process of operation, the vertical steel pipe straightening machine effectively effectively fixes the bent portion of the tied piece to the two fulcrums. During the operation, if the upper pressing head moves downward, In this way, the curved part of the piece will be bent to some extent due to the force of the movement, and the steel straightening machine will cause the elastoplastic bending and deformation to achieve the straightening effect. The pressure straightening machine mainly bends the piece. When the convex surface is placed upwards for the straightening process, such as a steel turning device, but the operator's work intensity will be relatively large.


The horizontal steel pipe straightening machine is basically a mechanism of the crank slider placed horizontally when it is operated, so that it is not necessary to use the steel turning when it is used, and the labor intensity of the operator is much reduced.


In the horizontal straightening process of the steel pipe straightening machine, the pressure plate is basically fixed and does not move. When the operation is performed, the pressure plate can effectively reciprocate through the mechanism of the crank, so In the groove of the pressure plate, separate pressing blocks are required, and the mechanism such as gears and racks directly causes the pressure block to fall. Therefore, it is necessary to use the convex portion at both ends of the pressure plate as the main fixed fulcrum, which needs to be in the pressing block. The straightening of the piece is carried out under the movement.