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Aluminum wire drawing machine performance and application advantages
- Jun 08, 2018 -

The so-called aluminum wire drawing machine is mainly used for drawing aluminum alloy and aluminum wire. According to different production requirements, the user can select the equipment with corresponding specifications. Aluminum wire drawing machine equipment is mainly composed of pay-out device, wire drawing host, storage line device, double-disc automatic take-up device, pull-line lubricant system, gear oil system, rolling head wear-molding machine and electrical control system.


In the actual production, the aluminum wire drawing machine equipment can realize the operation of quick mold change, and it also has the function of automatic double-disc take-up. The overall performance of the equipment is advanced and reliable, and the degree of electrical automation is high. It is an ideal pulling device. Its pay-off device consists mainly of guide bars and columns. The line can be used to straighten out the material, and its pillars can also be used as an escalator to allow the operator to perform line maintenance from above and below, and there are three sheaths to prevent damage to the wire.


Therefore, during the operation of the aluminum wire drawing machine equipment, the wire rod changes its running direction through the roller and enters the wire drawing host under the pressure arm. The device uses a horizontal tandem structure, dual motor drive, can achieve fast die change. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-performance precision helical gear transmission, so the device has high performance, low noise and other excellent performance.


In addition, in the drawing process of aluminum wire drawing machine, most of them are cooled by immersion lubrication, so as to ensure the quality of wire drawing. Coupled with its dual-disc take-up function, the overall automation and production efficiency are high. The equipment adopts electrical control, selects the imported driver and PLC, and has complete functions and stable performance. In general, the equipment uses a brand-new technology, a cast iron box body as a whole, high-precision grinding gears and NSK bearings, which greatly improves the machine's running accuracy and service life.


Because of this excellent performance, the aluminum wire drawing machine equipment not only has a fast reaction speed but also operates stably during the operation, ensuring that the disk change is performed under the condition that the wire is not stopped, and the productivity is high. For many users, the aluminum wire drawing machine equipment satisfies the various processing needs of the cable industry.