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Application and structure of steel bar straightening and cutting machine
- Sep 19, 2017 -

1. steel straightening machine, which is a kind of machine equipment? What are the specific applications?

Reinforcing steel bar straightening and cutting machine, from a professional point of view, it is a certain size for the following steel straightening and cutting machine equipment, and, in the cut length, can be carried out according to different requirements. Therefore, its processing object, is for the steel, steel processing is essential to a device.

2. Reinforcement straightening machine, which is composed of what? And what are their characteristics?

The structure of the steel bar straightening and cutting machine is mainly composed of straightening part, traction part, cutting mechanism, steel fixed frame, frame, and drive device. The characteristics of this device is for the work speed, work error is small, compact and reasonable and easy to operate. In addition, its use, can also be safe and reliable.

3. In the use of steel bar straightening and cutting machine, the operator should do what, to achieve the norms and correct operation?

Want to achieve the correct and straightening of steel bar straightening and cutting machine correct operation, then, in its use, must be done, mainly for the following, is:

(1) steel into the machine before the first to check whether there is a defect problem, if any, you can not be sent to the machine, should be addressed first.

(2) in the operation of the equipment, should always pay attention to observe, with or without abnormal phenomena or problems, if any, should immediately stop the operation, and equipment operation, can not be delayed. In addition, when the steel straightening machine after use, to close and cut off the power supply to prevent accidental start.

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