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Automatic cold drawing machine working principle
- Jan 09, 2018 -

Automatic cold drawing machine principle is one end of the material after the head becomes smaller, into the center frame model drawing machine, pneumatic clamping, chain hook hooked the chain, and then, to carry out cold-drawn work. In the cold drawing process, equipment vibration should be small, drawing speed to be stable and uniform, so as to ensure a good product quality.

Automatic cold drawing machine, the composition of the drawing car, the main is a pneumatic clip, clamp clamp arm, pneumatic chain hook, carriage return chain, and so on. In the drawing injection method, is a high-pressure high-temperature oil pump and internal and external mold at the same time these two pumps, as to which one to choose, it is to see the actual and use requirements.

Automatic cold drawing machine technical parameters, specifically speaking, it is the same with the ordinary drawing machine, are rated drawing force, the number of rated drawing roots, pulling speed, car speed, pulling diameter, pulling System length, motor power and the number of these eight. Moreover, are very important, indispensable.