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Automatic hydraulic uncoiling machine features and methods of operation
- Mar 03, 2018 -

The use of fully automatic hydraulic uncoiler can handle different specifications of the roll, the whole process to achieve a fully automated discharge, feeding and unwinding. Under normal circumstances, the use of fully automatic hydraulic uncoiler, the main parts involved are hydraulic expansion, pneumatic pressure arm, feeding trolley, frequency control and so on.


First, the automatic hydraulic uncoiling machine product features introduced:


1, comparatively speaking, fully automatic hydraulic uncoiler is not only the overall structure more compact and reasonable, but also more powerful. Machine performance is more advanced, higher design strength. In the course of operation, its performance is more stable and reliable, and the expansion mode from manual expansion to hydraulic expansion, additional cylinder pressure arm and hydraulic loading trolley, fully automated loading, shrinkage and uncoiling, the machine The operation is more simple, the system reliability is higher, the operation is safe and convenient.


2, from the configuration to analyze, in the fully automatic hydraulic uncoiling machine in a special configuration of the hydraulic loading trolley, so that during the production process can be smoothly transferred to the uncoiler reel uncoiler spindle, trolley equipped with a roll Anti-dumping baffle, the smaller material in the transfer of materials can effectively prevent the dumping dumping, making the production process more flow.


3, from the operational aspects to consider, fully automatic hydraulic uncoiler operation is simple and easy to maintain. The machine is usually equipped with a handheld operating handle, limit device alignment, easy to operate.


Second, on the automatic hydraulic uncoiling machine operation method:


In the use of fully automatic hydraulic uncoiler, the staff first pick up the operating control handle, and then move the trolley to the outermost position, put the roll to be processed, and then follow the relevant requirements of the operation, you can start the whole Automatic hydraulic uncoiler to achieve fully automated unwinding operations.