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Bar straightening machine application field and setting requirements
- Aug 06, 2018 -

The guide tube device of the bar straightening machine belongs to the field of bar straightening machine auxiliary equipment in the process of operation. The main feature of the bar straightening machine is that the left and right sides of the bar entering the bar straightening machine are respectively The left and right guide bushes with the same structure are symmetrically installed. Now, the guide bush on one side is taken as an example, and the stepped shafts with the same shape on the left and right ends are fixedly mounted on the left and right sides of the bar two-roll straightening machine, and the middle part of the stepped shaft Cylindrical roller bearings are installed at the steps, and bushings are mounted on the ends of the bushings. Compression springs are mounted on the bushings, thrust bearings are mounted on the ends of the bushings, and fixing nuts are mounted on the outside of the thrust bearings.


The guide hole of the rod straightening machine with the stepped hole is set on the stepped shaft, and the outer ring of the cylindrical roller bearing is tightly matched with the inner wall of the guide bush, and the end portion and the compression spring are in conflict with each other to some extent. The inner ring and the stepped shaft are tightly fitted; the inner ring and the sleeve of the thrust bearing are greased. A vertical bar straightening machine device comprises a straightening machine body, a torsion bar passage, an electric control device, a detecting device, a cooling device, a heating device, a hydraulic device, a rectifying roller and a roller frame, and the detecting device is arranged in the straightening machine On the upper and lower sides of the channel, the roller is movably disposed on the roller frame, the fixing roller is provided with a fixing clip, and the other end of the fixing clip is disposed on the roller frame.


The hydraulic device of the bar straightening machine is arranged in the roller frame. During operation, the fixing clamp is connected with the hydraulic device and is a telescopic device. The tough bar channel is arranged on the straightening machine body, and the cooling and heating devices are arranged in the correction. Around the rod passage, the detecting device is disposed above and below the passage, and the hydraulic device, the detecting device, the cooling device, the heating device, and the hydraulic device are respectively electrically connected to the electric control device, and the utility model gives a certain amount of heat when the workpiece is straightened, Conducive to its deformation, the fixing clip on the rectifying roller facilitates the reciprocating roller to apply force to the workpiece, adjust its position, change the distance between the force point and the action point, and reduce the surface wear of the roller.