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Bar straightening machine operation during the process of attention
- Mar 24, 2018 -

Bar straightening machine is a straightening bar, equipment to improve the bar quality, equipment, especially in high-alloy steel bars in the current increase in demand, bar straightening machine in the bar subsequent finishing line position Particularly important. Bar straightening is now only divided into two types, one is simple anti-bending straightening, and the other is rotating anti-bending straightening.

The bar straightening machine mainly adopts the multi-roller extrusion rotation correction method during the production process, so the bar straightening machine is first affected by the straightening roller. For example, whether the initial position of the leveling roller is on the same horizontal line, whether the roller's roller pressure is proportional to the degree of bending of the material, the surface of the roller is flat, or the like.

The factor of the bar straightening machine work efficiency is the daily maintenance of the straightening equipment. In the ordinary time we need to keep the straightening machine hygienically, clean and tidy, always check the bar straightening machine parts when tightening, the gap between the parts has No impurities, etc. The working efficiency of the bar straightening machine is affected by the current and voltage, and the bar straightening machine can work normally under the condition that the rated voltage can be guaranteed.

What should be noted during the operation of the bar straightener?

1. We must first talk about the bar straightening machine processing speed, we must according to the actual situation, look at the bar bending degree and material to adjust the bar straightening machine processing speed.

2. Adjust the distance between the upper and lower rollers according to the degree of bending of the bar and the machining accuracy required by us to ensure the amount of pressurization during straightening.

3. When the bar straightening machine is in operation, the operator is forbidden to touch the bar by hand, and it is necessary to pay attention to the surface quality of the bar at all times to prevent scratches.

4. When the bar is straightened for the first time, make the bar 3/4 contact with the straightening roller to ensure that the gap between them is not more than 0.1 mm.