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Bar Straightening Machine Work Requirements and Straightening Process
- Aug 12, 2017 -

In the course of straightening, the position of the roller and the direction of movement of the straightened article will become at some angle. Two or three large active rolls are driven directly by the motor. The direction of rotation, the other side by a number of small rollers are driven by the pressure roller.

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The bar straightening machine mainly relies on the rotation of the round bar or the friction of the pipe to make it in the process of work in order to be able to effectively achieve its roller on the required compression products, these small roll can be the same time Waving forward or backward, respectively, adjust its position.

Bar straightening machine in the general situation, the more the number of its roller, the straightening of the product after the accuracy will be higher, when the product is bitten by the roller, the continuous straight or rotary motion, so that products Bear all aspects of compression, bending, flattening and other deformation, and finally to achieve the purpose of straightening.

Bar straightening machine in the boot before the need to effectively check the hydraulic station hydraulic oil, gear box, gear box gear oil is full, the equipment before the main motor start, the angle adjustment and hydraulic system work pressure adjustment , The injection of the equipment into the injection of its lubricating oil, check the mechanical transmission part of the operation of its flexible operation.

Bar straightening machine equipment in the hydraulic station of the oil temperature, oil pressure to its stability, the straightening roller will be raised to the initial position, artificial materials, the steel pipe will be sent to the third pair of straightening roller Straightening roller clamping, start the main motor, steel pipe rotation is straightened at the same time.

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