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Basic definition and technical parameters of uncoiling straighting machine
- Dec 18, 2018 -

The use of the uncoiling straighting machine effectively relieves the labor intensity of workers. The machine can process a certain width of the coil into the required fixed length by winding, unwinding, drawing, leveling, cross-cutting, conveying and stacking. This device is controlled by the display display, which is highly automated and productive.


Moreover, the uncoiling straighting machine can be used for processing different coils, mainly including: strip steel, stainless steel, cold rolled sheet, hot rolled sheet, copper strip, aluminum strip, tinplate, tantalum steel sheet and other metal coils. The machine has a lot of processing parameters, to understand these processing parameters, in order to judge the processing capacity of the leveling machine.


The first is the processing thickness. The upper and lower limits of the thickness of the different uncoiling straighting machines are different, and there is also an upper limit on the processing weight. If the steel coil is overweight, the loading trolley cannot operate or even damage the cylinder. In addition, the processing width, processing length and processing speed have certain requirements, wherein the processing speed has the speed of the belt, the speed of constant speed and the speed of the shift, which mainly affects the processing efficiency.