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Basic functions and application range of wire rod straightening and cutting machine
- Dec 29, 2018 -

Wire rod straightening and cutting machines are mainly used to straighten and cut wires to cut length rod coils; for wire further processing, rods and precision straightening spirals, clean cutting, tolerances and high output are important. With its excellent features, the equipment is widely used in various industries.

The straightening function of the wire straightening cutter is ensured by several straightening blocks or by rollers, and the automatic cutting gauge ensures the necessary length; the equipment excels in terms of efficiency, flexibility, product versatility and durability. High speed and maximum availability guarantee high performance and meet the requirements of different users.

The wire is fed into the wire straightening cutter by a driven pinch roll and the material is straightened. Finally, the tool is driven by the push rod and mounted on the conveyor. The required length can be adjusted to the required conveyor belt gauge. Computer control or programmer. Wires of any length can be cut manually.