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Brief description of the adjustment work before using a horizontal bar straightening machine
- Oct 07, 2017 -

Do you know the horizontal bar straightening machine? Will you use a horizontal bar straightening machine? In actual work, often encounter a lot of uncertain factors, so before the operation of equipment, we need to know more about some of the relevant information, which will help to better use it.


And in the use of horizontal bar straightening machine, in fact, may need to be appropriate to adjust, so that it is mainly in order to make it in the course of the operation to better play its role. So, what parts of the content do you usually need to adjust? Here we come together to understand the specific content, hoping to give you some help.


First, before opening the horizontal bar straightening machine, be sure to ensure that its work surface can not place anything, so as not to run during the material accidentally fell into the body. Second, before opening the equipment, the staff also need to check the straight block and the protective cover of the fixed situation, if there is loose or off, then, can not open the device.


More can not be feeding, should be repaired, in the absence of confirmation of the circumstances can be produced. It should be noted that during the operation of the horizontal bar straightening machine, the protective cover should not be opened.


In addition to the contents described above, in fact, when the horizontal bar straightening machine is in working condition, we need to ensure that the appropriate distance between the steel bars should be kept and not too close. At the same time need to pay attention, not the material head cut off for feeding, be sure to pass through the steel pipe and then feeding.


Finally, when all the work tasks are completed, we also need to timely release the horizontal bar straightening machine straightening, so that you can adjust the block back to the original place, while the spring will be restored in situ. I hope that after understanding these things, we can be able to gain.


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