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Brief introduction of precision steel tube straightening machine
- Nov 28, 2017 -

The precision steel tube straightening machine needs to be maintained during the operation. The input and output wheel of the equipment need to maintain the surface cleaning and timely cleaning. The bearing parts of precision steel tube straightening machine need to be cleaned and buttered 1 to 2 times per month.

Precision steel tube straightening machine in peacetime use needs to keep the chain clean, regular cleaning and inspection are necessary. The equipment is filled with each shift, the transmission box is checked once every shift, and sufficient oil is added, and replace the oil 1~2 times every year. Before class, check whether the screws are loose, the loose ones should be tightened before starting.

The significance of the center position of the precision steel tube straightening machine

1. Precision steel pipe straightening machine reduces the cutter blade and center position of round steel.

2. The return oil switch is closed clockwise and then shake directly, so that the piston head starts working until the round steel cutting ring " cut off" sound informs the operator to stop working.

3. Press the button to loosen the oil return counterclockwise to return the hydraulic piston head to the place.

Matters needing attention of the precision steel tube straightening machine

1. Equipment specially cut low hardness round steel. Steel pipe straightening machine will not reduce the material and hardness of steel.

2. In the absence of load, the air compressor is prohibited, in order to avoid two bit damage.

3. The steel screw is found to form magnetic treatment or stop, and it is not allowed to pass.

4. In the case of straightening the steel plate material, attention should be paid to the work of the dish rack. If there is confusion, the equipment should be stopped immediately. The plate material processing is completed very quickly, the tail is expected to appear from the disk shelf.

The operating feature of the precision steel tube straightening machine

The multi-functional new-type hyperbolic steel tube straightening machine is a common building straightening and derusting machine, which is easy to operate and convenient to move. It is mainly used to correct the bending deformation of steel pipes and other pipes of the construction scaffold. The steel tube rolling 8 design roll straightener structure is reasonable, centrifugal anti-rust device, ash pipe design, easy to operate, safe and reliable. It is mainly applicable to the straightening of the scaffold derusting paint. The straightening effect is good through the rotation of the wheel rotary straightening equipment.