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Characteristics and processing requirements of steel cold rolling mill
- Sep 13, 2018 -

The steel cold rolling mill has advanced technology and is equipped with various functions. The equipment consists of mechanical descaling mechanism, variable diameter mechanism, cold rolling mechanism, transmission mechanism, electric motor, reducer, gear box and operation control cabinet. . Here, in particular, one point is that the mechanical descaling mechanism, because the machine is equipped with the mechanism, can complete the initial processing of the base material to be processed.

The steel cold rolling mill is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly in the process of use, and the safety performance will be significantly improved. The machine does not require the user to add lubricating powder and coolant to the machine during the cold rolling operation. This item saves the customer a small expense and does not pollute the environment; when the machine rolls the steel bars of different diameters, it only needs to adjust the equipment simply, and the machine also has a safety guarantee device, thus greatly Reduce the chance of a life accident.

Characteristics of steel cold rolling mill

1. The steel cold rolling mill does not emit exhaust gas and harmful liquid, no dust and low noise during the cold rolling operation;

2. It can complete cold rolling operations with different requirements, such as completing the closing operation, and processing the straight strip according to the user's requirements.