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Coil tube straightening machine steps
- Nov 29, 2018 -

Before the coil tube straightening machine is turned on, the staff needs to check whether the gear oil of the hydraulic oil, the reduction gear box and the transmission box is sufficient. Before the main motor starts, the corner inspection adjustment and the hydraulic system working pressure adjustment are performed. Lubricate the lubrication points and check the operation of the mechanical transmission parts for flexible operation.


Workers need to wear labor insurance products. After the coil tube straightening machine is turned on, you should observe the operating status of the equipment, and you must not leave the post or work. When the oil temperature and oil pressure of the hydraulic station have stabilized, the upper straightening roller is raised to the initial position. Manually receiving the material, the steel pipe is sent through the third pair of straightening rolls and then clamped by the upper straightening roll. The main motor is started and the steel tube is rotated and straightened.


When the motor stops, the straightening operation of the coil tube straightening machine stops. At this time, the upper straightening roller is lifted up, and the straightened pipe is sent out. If you need to reverse the straightening, you can reverse the main unit and reverse the straightening by using the reverse knob on the console. The main motor stops, the straightening roller stops straightening, the steel tube is returned to the starting position, and the next straightening program command is repeated. After the shutdown, turn off the main power supply, and you cannot change the program controller at will.