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Composition, installation steps and maintenance of steel bar straightening and cutting machine
- Aug 16, 2018 -

The steel bar straightening and cutting machine is mainly composed of motor, belt drive mechanism, flywheel, gear reduction mechanism, with key transfer mechanism, crankshaft ram and replaceable cutter, which brings great convenience to the staff and guarantees Everyone's safety has shortened working hours and improved work efficiency.


When installing the steel bar straightening and cutting machine, it is necessary to carefully study the installation location of the steel bar. It must be installed on a relatively flat and relatively solid ground because its weight is very heavy. Secondly, when installing the load-bearing frame, it must be installed according to the corresponding steps, that is, the center of the trough above the load-bearing frame should be aligned with the corresponding guiding cylinder and straightening cylinder, etc., these holes must not be installed. Wrong or wrong.


In addition, when installing the steel straightening and cutting machine, it is also necessary to keep the whole machine stable, to ensure that its internal structure is also stable, and after installation, it is necessary to check the corresponding line to see that all the lines are It is not normal, there is no damage to the parts, and then try to run it again, and only after completing such a process can it be used in the next time.


In addition to ensuring the correct safety of the steel bar straightening and cutting machine, it is also necessary to maintain it in time, including removing the debris from the tool and the underside of the tool, keeping the body clean and tidy; regularly checking the tightness of the bolts and the triangular tape; adjusting the clearance of the movable blade Replace the blunt blade; check the gear and bearing wear, adjust the gap between the parts, etc.