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Copper tube straightening machine equipment integrity standards and maintenance requirements
- Dec 08, 2018 -

In the process of overhauling the equipment, the standards mainly include: 1. The overall structure of the copper tube straightening machine is intact, the components are complete, and the connection is reliable; 2. The gear wear of the reducer must not exceed 15% of the tooth thickness, and the bearing operating temperature is not Above 60 ° C, the seal is basically no oil leakage; 3, the universal joint is not deformed, the head wear is not more than 2 mm m; 4, the seals of each hydraulic cylinder are not worn, and the accuracy of each grade basically meets the specified requirements.

In addition, it should be ensured that all the oil pipes and water pipes are well connected and the oil quality meets the requirements. The copper tube straightener motor is good, and the straightening performance meets the design requirements in the application. Pressure gauges, sensors, and limit positions are complete at the beginning, flexible and easy to use.

The copper tube straightening machine needs frequent maintenance. The main contents include: checking whether the screws of each part are tightly fastened, and whether the lubrication system is normal; 2. Check whether the mechanical transmission is flexible, whether the work rolls have uneven marks, and if necessary, repair them in time. 3; Check whether the cooling water of the work roll is normal and whether the system is flexible; 4. Check that the temperature of each bearing is normal, the tilt of the shaft meets the standard, the work roll has no inclination, straight, and the tooth meshing noise of the reducer is abnormal. The shaft is intact.