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Correction scheme and working principle of metal straightening machine
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Since the curvature of the curved metal bar is different in the direction of curvature, it is necessary to use a metal straightening machine to repeatedly bend the metal bar to eliminate the unevenness of the curvature, thereby making the metal pipe straight. Moreover, each roller of the metal straightening machine causes the deformation of the metal rod to be different, so there are generally two correction schemes in practical application.


One is called a large deformation correction scheme. Due to the change of the original curvature of the metal to be corrected and difficult to determine accurately, a large deformation correction scheme is often used in production. The other is a small deformation correction scheme. The so-called small deformation correction scheme assumes that each roller of the upper row of the metal straightener can be individually adjusted, and the adjustment principle of each roller reduction is: entering the roller After the metal has been bent and buckling, its maximum original curvature should be completely eliminated, ie the part is straight.


When the metal straightener is used to correct the metal material, the pressure acting on the correcting roller can be calculated using the bending moment required for the metallization, and the metal is considered to be a continuous beam subjected to a plurality of concentrated loads. The drive power of a metal straightener is related to torque and curvature.