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Do You Know The Operation of The Cold Draw Bench Machine?
- Sep 14, 2017 -

In fact, there are many types of cold draw bench machine, but also in accordance with the different classification methods to be classified. If it is based on the different structure of the bed to classify, then the main can be divided into two types, namely, three separate and frame type two. If it is divided according to the transmission method, then the main can be divided into chain, hydraulic transmission and rack type and many other types.

It can be seen, in fact, for different work needs, we can choose a suitable cold draw bench machine to complete the job. In practical applications, the main work of the equipment can be summarized as: push into the molding head, plug core, pull, annealing and so on. In contrast, the use of the equipment obtained by the steel pipe not only has a high degree of concentricity, but also in the structural composition is also very simple, making it more convenient.

cold draw bench machine

As a user, we should follow the specific requirements to operate the cold draw bench machine. When the device is in normal operation, no one can stand or stay along the wire drawing direction. If you find the wire mesh with the chain hanging material problems, then the staff should be away from the chain area of the swing. If you find a broken wire problem, you need to immediately shut down the equipment to check.

It should be noted that, in the inspection, be sure to wait until the equipment is completely static before they can take other measures. In other words, when the cold draw bench machineis in the running state, the staff shall not use the hand around the reel items. In addition, if you find disc round bar knot chaos, it should immediately shut down the equipment, to check.

If you want to ensure the life of the machine, then we must pay attention to its temperature. In experience, we need not only to cool the machine in time, but also need to be regularly lubricated. Normally, the temperature of the cooling water should be controlled in the range of 80 to 90 degrees and the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil should be maintained at 30 to 60 degrees.

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