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Double chain cold draw bench main features and composition
- Mar 10, 2018 -

Under normal operating conditions, the main drive of the double chain cold draw bench can realize the transmission of two chains at the same time, and the two chains are on the same bed and jointly drive a drawing trolley to work. During the operation, the drawing trolley is fixed to the chain, and the chain of the double-chain type cold drawing machine is continuously reciprocated to drive the drawing cart forward and return.


Because of the different structure, the double chain cold draw bench has some unique properties. Compared with the single-chain cold-drawing machine, it has obvious advantages: 1. The level of mechanization and automation for loading, unloading, and receiving materials is higher; it can save the auxiliary operation time, speed up the drawing, and can reduce the labor intensity of the workers; 2. The drawing center line basically coincides with the pulling action line of the chain, the drawing process is stable, the quality of the finished product can be ensured, the drawing speed can be increased, and the working noise can be reduced.


In addition to these two major advantages, in fact, the chain of the double-chain cold-drawing machine is usually designed with a small size, so it is relatively simple and convenient in production and maintenance. Judging from the development experience of the cold drawn processing industry in developed countries, this equipment has a good development prospect in the market.


In actual processing, people mainly use double chain cold draw bench to realize the processing of drawing (drawing, drawing, drawing, and drawing) of various metal tubes (rods). The main working methods are: When one end of the material is reduced by the indenter, it is held by the hand and extends into the center frame mold of the drawing machine. After being clamped by the air, the chain hook catches the chain to pull.


When drawing, it is necessary to keep the equipment vibration small, and keep the drawing speed stable. At the same time, the best accuracy of the finished product after stretching should be ensured, so that the finished product surface can maintain even and smooth quality. The main working parts of the double-chain type cold-drawing machine include: a motor and an operating panel, a driving part, a supporting part, and the like.