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Double chain cold draw bench processing principle and process requirements
- Apr 24, 2018 -

In production, it is often necessary to use a double chain cold draw bench to shape the metal material, that is, cold drawing. The double-stranded cold-drawing station is the most commonly used equipment in cold-drawing production and has a wide range of applications. In comparison, the device has many advantages. For example, under the same pulling force, the device can use a smaller pitch, so the transmission is smooth and the drawing speed can be increased.


In particular, after the DC motor is adopted, the double chain cold draw bench will be capable of speed control in a wider range of work, and a benevolent system of low-speed biting, high-speed drawing, and speed-down drawing will be adopted, which will help guarantee Extubate quality and increase productivity. And in the process of cold drawing, it can make the direction of pulling force coincide with the center line of the drawing material, so that the drawing process is stable and the quality of the drawing material is high.


For the user, the double chain cold draw bench not only works well and helps to improve the product quality, but also facilitates the collection of finished products. After the drawing, the tube can fall in the middle of the two chains and roll down along the inclined gantry. In the finished product frame, not only is the need to remove the feeding device, but also the auxiliary time is shortened. In fact, during the cold drawing process, the steel pipe is hardened. During cold drawing, plastic deformation occurs in the metal. There are multiple slip systems inside the crystal. The dislocation movement intercepts each other. Many dislocations are pinned, causing the dislocation to accumulate, and the dislocation source stops.


That is, in the process of cold-drawing a metal material using a double-strand cold-drawing station, dislocation movability will be reduced, and the dislocation density in the crystal will increase significantly. When the plastic deformation occurs further, the stress increases and the dislocations in the pinning begin to move, the screw dislocations slip, the edge dislocations cannot slip, and dislocations are intercepted, increasing the number of immobility orders. Therefore, as the density of dislocations in the metal is increased by the cold drawing process, dislocation mobility is reduced, and it is difficult to generate dislocations and to displace dislocations, so that the hardness and strength of the metal material are improved. This is the metallurgical principle of cold drawing.


In the drawing process using the double-strand cold drawing table, the steel tube will undergo plastic deformation due to the applied force. The basic processes of cold-drawing cold-drawing tube for double-chain cold-drawing station include: 1. supply of tube material; 2. preparation of tube material; 3. cold processing; 4. finished product finishing including finished product heat treatment, straightening, sampling, cutting head and tail, inspection, Hydraulic pressure test, oil coating, packaging and storage.