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Double-chain cold drawing table processing technology and operation requirements
- Jul 12, 2018 -

In the process of processing the double-chain cold drawing table, the wire drawing is a newly introduced surface treatment process. In the process of production, the aluminum plate is mainly used as the main substrate, and the external force is applied during the operation. The role of the metal is forced through the mold and the cross-sectional area is tightened. The skill processing method for obtaining the required cross-sectional shape and size during operation is called the drawing die. The drawing board is made of high-quality aluminum plate and has superiority. Use of features.


The double-chain cold drawing table generally adopts the imported diamond-shaped cloth wheel to draw the outer surface, and is mainly processed by various chemical treatments such as roll coating and pressing, and has superiority when used. The function of the board is excellent in sound absorption and sound insulation, and the fireproof function is outstanding.


The double-chain cold drawing table must be worn by the staff during the operation, so that the workpiece can be effectively prevented from burning fingers and affecting product quality. Before starting the machine, carefully check the supply air of the equipment, whether the gas supply line leaks, and discharge the accumulated water in the air filter.