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Double chain draw bench machine operation requirements and drawing process
- Oct 16, 2018 -

The double chain draw bench machine is one of the steel processing machinery in the process of operation. It is necessary to pay attention to many problems during the operation. It should be effectively checked during operation and confirm that the mechanical connectors are firm and the mold is solid. No cracks, the specifications of the rolling head and the mold are matched, and then the main machine is started to run dry, and the operation can be confirmed only after the normal operation is confirmed.


In the process of drawing and drawing steel bars, the double-stretching machine should carry out the cold drawing diameter of each process according to the specifications of the machine factory. In the process of use, the hole diameter of the die should not be excessively reduced. When there is no data, it can be pressed every time. The reduced pore diameter is 0.5 to 1.0 mm.


When the double chain draw bench machine is used for rolling the head, the end of the used reinforcing steel is passed through the length of the mold to 100-150 mm, and then clamped with a clamp. The operator's hand and rolling crepe should be kept during the operation of the equipment. Distance of 300~500mm; direct contact with steel bars and rollers is not allowed.


When the end of the steel bar of the double-chain drawing machine passes through the cold drawing after running, the clutch should be disengaged immediately, and the end of the steel bar is blocked by the hand brake. During the wire drawing process, when a broken wire or a steel bar is broken, the machine should be stopped immediately after the treatment is completed.