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Durable Swing Pointing Machine/Sharpening Machine in china
- Mar 04, 2017 -

Swing Pointing Machine Basic Info
Surface Treatment:Best in Wuxi
Price:Substantial and Competitive
Trademark:LI GUO

Origin:Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.

Swing Pointing Machine Product Description:
This machine is the first domestic double cylinder type used in this type of rolling mill,is an auxiliary equipment in the drawing workshop,The models can range 90 degrees rotation accurate rolling ,so easy to wear mould puller,can substitute two-way four-roll poingting machine to use,and can greatly reduce the labor intensity.
 Pointing part of the role is to be the biggest raw material drawn wire diameter end mill tip length 80 to 200mm range,According todrawing die aperture,rotating rolls back and forth ,so that gradually rooled into a cone-sharped wire so that it can pass through the die hole,rolling wheel type operation is reversed.

Swing Pointing Machine Features and Advantages:
This machine is simple,don't require skiiled operators or complex tools.The mechanical construction firm,attractive appearance,advanced technology,is ideal for drawing auxiliary equipment of machinery and equipment.
The machine consists of rolling roll, slow transmission components.The machine widely used, mainly for black and non-ferrous metal wire processing wire processing, wire drawing industry is supporting the product, mainly used for metal wire drawing before the rolling tip work.
 Compact structure
Stable and reliable transmission
Small size
Safe and convenient
Low noise,
High efficiency
Ease of maintenance

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