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Grain processing method of horizontal wire drawing machine and heating method thereof
- Aug 23, 2018 -

The horizontal wire drawing machine is a kind of mechanical equipment widely used in industrial applications. In the actual operation process, the requirements of different users for the line pattern are different. Therefore, the wire drawing machine should be treated in a targeted manner. There are also many ways to heat the horizontal wire drawing machine, some of which use a resistance wire for heating, and some use electromagnetic to heat.


First of all, the horizontal wire drawing machine handles various kinds of lines. For example, the snow pattern, the color of the machine, the swing frequency, etc. must be specified; in addition, the choice of abrasive materials is also critical. Directly affects the visual and feel of the snow pattern. In addition, the horizontal wire drawing machine handles the hairline pattern. The selected abrasive materials are two kinds of small roller brushes and scouring pads. Under their action, the desired effect can be obtained.


Introduced again is the heating method of the horizontal wire drawing machine. The function of the electromagnetic heater is to heat and save the plastic machinery. The main thing is to put a layer of insulation cotton on the barrel, which can reduce the consumption of heat energy. The upper layer is further wound with a layer of electromagnetic heating coil. When the wire drawing machine is powered on, the iron molecules inside the barrel will operate relatively strongly, and the barrel will heat up, so this method is more economical than the conventional method. Electricity, efficiency is also higher and the traditional electromagnetic heating type can also save about 30% of electricity from the traditional resistance type.