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H beam flange straightening machine technical operation points
- Feb 02, 2018 -

In the operation of the H beam flange straightening machine, which has some technical difficulties, in order to help you better use of H beam flange straightening machine equipment, then we have a brief introduction and analysis of these contents, I hope we can provide some reference .


First of all, let's introduce the adjustment requirements of the angle of the three pairs of rollers on the H beam flange straightener. Under normal circumstances, the principle of angle adjustment is to make the tube blank and the roller has the largest contact surface, so as to maintain uniform wear roller. In operation, you should first turn on the power, and then release the rack, the light when the rack is released.


Next, the staff should also operate the universal switch one by one, in the process can be combined with the previous experience to operate, the beam H beam flange straightening machine roll up or down, until the roll and tube with the best Contact surface so far.


In order to ensure the normal operation of the H beam flange straightening machine, the staff also need to adjust its deflection accordingly. The specific principles are: thickening pipe with negative deflection, straight pipe with positive deflection. As for the size of the deflection is usually determined by the experience and the actual straightening effect.


In addition to what was described above, there is a need to ensure that the adjustments are reasonable with regard to the reduction. This is because the adjustment of the reduction will have a very important effect on the actual straightening effect of the H-beam flange straightener. The size of the general reduction on the amount of daily operation can be summed up with experience.


In the adjustment process can refer to this basic principle: H beam flange straightener in the treatment of large diameter tube, the reduction is greater than the amount of small diameter tube reduction. The wall thickness of the pipe thinner than the thin tube pressure reduction. Above is the operation of the H beam flange straightening machine in the process need to pay attention to some of the main points, I hope can be helpful.