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H Beam Straightening Machine Function Requirement and Quality Control
- Aug 15, 2017 -

H beam straightening machine in the use of the process of its high strength, compared with the same word steel, the cross-section modulus, H beam straightening machine in the same load conditions, can effectively save its metal 10-15 %.

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H beam straightening machine in the design process of its flexible style seeking rich, in the case of the same beam height, the steel structure of the bay can be lighter than the concrete structure of the weight, the structure of the weight reduction, to a certain extent Effectively reducing the structural design of the internal force, which will make the building structure of the basic requirements of low processing, construction and low cost.

H beam straightening machine has high structural stability, and it is mainly made of hot-rolled H-beam steel structure. Its structure is scientific and reasonable, the plasticity and flexibility are good, the structure of the product is high, and it is suitable for vibration and Impact load large building structure, strong ability to resist natural disasters.

H beam straightening machine in the use of the main role is to effectively eliminate the residual stress, up and down bending, bending, torsion and other defects, to a certain extent, to ensure that the flange slope within the specified range of correction in the Defects will also be on the internal structure of steel to produce a certain change, thus affecting the toughness of steel, strength and a series of performance.

H beam straightening machine in the operation of the straightening of the H-beam production of the last one of its quality control, and its factory quality is closely related, it can be said that only through the straightening process, only the real meaning of the product, so , Straightening is the finishing section and even the entire production line is extremely important one of the processes.