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H beam straightening machine straightening should consider the material properties and hardness
- Sep 16, 2017 -

Friends who have used H beam straightening machine should know that the equipment is in the process of operation, in which the deformation of the material area is in fact the punch and die edge of the connection and the formation. In other words, mainly for the deformation of the material area for straightening. In the straightening time, usually from the mold edge began, gradually close to the center of the material, and constantly adjust the deformation area.

The reason for this operation, mainly in order to straighten the time, you can achieve better straightening effect. Under normal circumstances, H beam straightening machine in the straightening time, if the material bending rate is relatively large, and the processing hardening coefficient is large, then the difficulty of straightening will increase. Therefore, usually in the hardening and hardening coefficient of the larger material when the straightening of its deformation area for the surrounding impact will be relatively large.

Correspondingly, in the H beam straightening machine gradually from the beginning of the state, to the final in the maximum straightening point of the state of the process, the collapse angle is also showing a gradual increase in the trend. Under normal circumstances, will have a certain impact on the size of the collapse of the main factors include the nature of the material, the workpiece shape and change the gap and so on.

It should be noted that, after the use of H beam straightening machine to correct the material, although the shape will be restored to its original state, but its surface accuracy and smoothness may also need further treatment. Because the straightened cross-section can be seen as a result of the material fiber structure after the plastic deformation occurred after the performance of bending.

In the actual work, for the different parts of the material bending, we need to properly adjust the H beam straightening machine parameters to straighten. In modern industry, if the material deformation, and the use of H-beam straightening machine to straighten, it can be said that the performance of the material can play a very good improvement effect.

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