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High Automation Big Capacity Auto Hydraulic Cold Drawing Machine Rod Drawing Machine F
- Feb 28, 2017 -

Basic Info
Trademark: LIGUO
Specification: depends on the machine
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Origin: China, Wuxi
Product Description
 High Automation Big Capacity Auto Hydraulic Cold Drawing Machine Wire Drawing Machine
Auto Hydraulic cold drawing machine
Machine Description:
This cold drawing machine can manufacture many kinds of bar and tube production. The diameter range of the production is bigger. Also, it can equip single tube or multi-tube/ bar type. The machine is with high automation, widely product range, big production capacity and cost saving.
Only one operator is required for whole line.  
Machine composition:
1. Automatic Bar selection
2. Auto Bar feeding unit
The bar moves forward to the drawing die direction with the roller feeding.
3. Auto Pointing unit
The hydraulic clamping unit clasps the bar and push the bar pass the die. No man power is required during this process.
4. Auto hydraulic drawing
Drawing cart clamps the bar pointer with hydraulic and draw the bar smoothly with hydraulic force.
5. Cut to length(Optional)
The bar can be cut to required length if required. The cut to length working position is beside of bar drawing line. It will not affect the production amount.

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