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Horizontal wire drawing machine using the advantages of the inverter and the operator requirements
- Sep 26, 2017 -

The drawing machine is mainly used for drawing the material in order to obtain the desired size. Horizontal wire drawing machine is the central axis of the drawing reel, which is parallel to the ground. In the wire diameter range is 6.5-24mm.

Horizontal wire drawing machine in the use of the advantages of the inverter are the following:

(1) can achieve high-performance vector control, and, can achieve the purpose of energy conservation. If the proportion of linkage control, then, there is a high degree of accuracy.

(2) in the motor control, you can use a dedicated chip, to achieve good control results, and can achieve rapid response.

(3) in the hardware circuit, using a modular design to ensure that the circuit can be stable and efficient operation, to avoid problems.

Horizontal drawing machine operator should be trained, and through the assessment, to operate the use of horizontal drawing machine. And, to this kind of wire drawing machine, very familiar with and know how to correctly operate and carry out maintenance, so as to avoid blind or wrong operation, making the drawing machine, shorten the service life of the equipment.

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