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How to make the steel cold rolling mill keep working efficiently for a long time
- Jan 25, 2018 -

Although the steel cold rolling mill itself superior performance, but in practice also need to regulate the operation, and to enhance maintenance to be able to keep it in the best condition. Improper use or improper maintenance may lead to serious wear and tear of the steel cold rolling mill, frequent failure, and even affect its service life.


Combined with the actual application to analyze the steel cold rolling mill can maintain good operating status, a big reason is that the size of the working load of the device. Obviously, if the equipment for a long time in a heavy load or overload condition, then wear parts will also continue to increase. This problem of wear will be more severe when the load on the part is higher than the average design load.


The study found that under the other conditions are consistent, the steel cold rolling mill under steady load conditions will be smaller than the dynamic load wear, less failure, low life expectancy. In other words, under normal working conditions, it will be able to give full play to the role and value of the device.


So, what are some ways to effectively reduce the wear and tear of the steel cold rolling mill to keep it in the best condition? First of all, in the course of daily use, it should be a reasonable grasp of its load, to ensure that the cold rolling within its tolerance.


Of course, as an operator, before using a steel cold rolling mill, you must master the operating skills of the equipment, and to fully adequate mechanical properties of the equipment. In the daily operation should also strictly comply with regulatory requirements, to ensure that the operation is reasonable.


In the production process, such as the need to increase the load or reduce the load, it should be more evenly in order to make the steel cold rolling mill in a more gentle load changes. And in the operation of the steel cold rolling mill, should pay attention to observe its operating status, to ensure safe production.