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Hydraulic automatic uncoiling machine detailed description
- Jan 20, 2018 -

In fact, the use of hydraulic automatic uncoiling machine for the reel material processing process, the main purpose is to cope with the next school leveler processing procedures. Under the function of fully automatic hydraulic uncoiler, the material of the roll will be slowly opened as the roll of material rolls freely around the movable shaft seat of the right and left boxes. At the same time, the steel plate will also be pushed to the leveler along the carriage.


In the process of using the full-automatic hydraulic uncoiler, after the prepared roll material is placed on the worktable, the material is automatically picked up by the material feeding carriage and run to the uncoiler. Then under the control of the control system, according to the specifications of the delivered coil material, the system opens the feeding system automatically and sends the corresponding commands to realize the coil loading, feeding, tensioning and discharging processes automatically.


So far, the application of hydraulic automatic uncoiling machine equipment has become more and more widespread. It can not only be used in machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel, decoration and other industries. And the device also shows its own good performance. For the user, the device not only has a high level of automation, but also ensures good leveling quality.


At the same time fully automatic hydraulic uncoiler equipment also by virtue of its many advantages, such as high shear accuracy, stable and reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance features won the majority of users. Not only that, the device realized a web feeding, thus ensuring the smooth completion of the various processes. In contrast, the use of the device, but also greatly reduce the working intensity of workers. In short, the equipment belongs to a high performance-price ratio, while bringing together the machine, electricity, liquid high-performance products.


Based on the above analysis to analyze, in fact, we can be fully automatic hydraulic uncoiler equipment as a flat metal sheet metal special equipment, mainly used for leveling steel plate, uneven plate. Automatic hydraulic uncoiler is generally based on the configuration of the composition of the uncoiler, leveling, cutting production lines and other sheet products production line.