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Hydraulic Decoiler Machine Structural Requirements and Functional Characteristics
- Aug 19, 2017 -

The hydraulic decoiler machine is arranged at the front end of the inlet part of the unit, respectively, when it is corresponding to the steel trolley, and the hydraulic decoiler machine is unrolled under the tension of the strip, and its most significant effect is under its central control can effectively achieve its strip of automatic alignment.

Hydraulic decoiler machine.jpg

The hydraulic decoiler machine is a welded box structure, and the frequency conversion motor will effectively drive the reel shaft through the gearbox to drive its reel. The reel is a hollow shaft, In the operation will be supported by two bearings on the gear box.

hydraulic decoiler machine gears are effectively installed with drive spur gears. This gearbox is effectively lubricated with its forced lubrication and is then effective for closed-loop oil lubrication systems with two constant speed motors.

The hydraulic decoiler machine mandrel will effectively connect the four fan plates through the four end faces with a slope of the dovetail groove. Each fan in the machine will be prevented from moving axially through a radial runner at the rear end. Can effectively achieve its radial expansion.

The hydraulic decoiler machine is effective in connecting the rotary cylinder at the end of the reel shaft, and the cylinder piston rod will effectively drive the front four-axis axis through the rod of the center of the spool shaft to drive the radial expansion and contraction of the fan plate. The reel can be increased by the addition of four fan plates to the nominal diameter.

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