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Hydraulic Decoiler Machine Construction
- Sep 07, 2017 -

A thorough understanding of the structure of the hydraulic decoiler machine will help us to better operate the equipment. From the structure of the hydraulic decoiler machine, it mainly consists of five parts. The five parts are: the main frame, the spindle, inflatable reel, brake devices and hydraulic power. So, do you know what the five parts are doing? Let's take a look at it!

hydraulic decoiler machine

First of all, let's take a look at the main frame of the hydraulic decoiler machine. Normally, the main frame of the equipment is made of steel, A3 steel plate and # 45 steel forged bearing housings after welding. In the production of the time, in particular the use of annealing, so you can ensure that it will not be deformed. And the two bearing is a boring, which can ensure its concentricity, so as to avoid radial runout.

Secondly, we come to understand the hydraulic decoiler machine spindle composition. In the production of the time, usually choose 40Gr round steel drill a diameter of 85 mm through the hole, after quenching and treatment and then further processing. It is generally required to have a diameter of 190 mm and a weighing of 15 tons. The third point, the hydraulic power of the device is mainly part of the use of rotary joint fuel supply and push and pull the expansion of the mandrel.

Fourth, on the hydraulic decoiler machine of the reel. In the production process, whether it is up or down, we need to ensure that the concentricity of the reel. In addition, the device is usually selected as a slider-type push-roll expansion roll form, the effective working length of up to 1300 mm, the drum surface will generally use hard chrome plating.

Finally, the brake on the hydraulic decoiler machine. In order to meet the needs of the work, the intensity of the brake device should be able to make self-adjustment. In fact, hydraulic decoiler machine is usually used in pneumatic disc brake components, in the parking time to play the role of brake.

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