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Installation and commissioning and manufacturing requirements for steel pipe cold drawing machines
- Jul 26, 2018 -

The steel pipe cold drawing machine is very suitable for the drawing processing equipment of metal pipe when it is operated. The structure of the whole equipment is a single-chain steel pipe cold drawing machine, and the end of the material of the steel pipe cold drawing machine is reduced by the shrinking head (indenter). It is held by the hand and inserted into the central frame of the drawing machine. After pneumatic clamping, the chain hook hooks the chain to pull out. When drawing, the body vibration is required to be small, the drawing speed is even and stable, and the stretching is obtained. After the finished product has excellent precision, the finished product has a uniform surface and good quality. The steel pipe cold drawing machine usually stretches to meet the above requirements.

Installation and commissioning of steel pipe cold drawing machine

The steel pipe cold drawing machine needs to meet the design and manufacturing requirements to a certain extent. After the arrival of the equipment, the supplier is responsible for the installation, commissioning and operation, and also has the responsibility for guiding the use, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

Warranty, if the equipment is used within one year due to problems or defects caused by the design of the manufacturing materials, the supplier is responsible for repairing and replacing the relevant spare parts, but does not include problems or natural disasters caused by improper use, mold wearing parts Not covered by the warranty.

The other parties agreed to provide the installation diagram of the steel pipe cold drawing machine after signing the contract. The customer shall provide power supply, gas source preparation, concrete foundation, chain lubricant, reducer oil and tensile oil.