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Introduction of Application Characteristics of Rebar pointing machine
- May 22, 2018 -

The Rebar pointing machinebelongs to a common drawing machine auxiliary equipment and is also an indispensable auxiliary tool. In actual production, it is necessary to pass through the drawing die hole after passing through the rolling point to perform drawing processing data. The Rebar pointing machineis mainly used for reinforcing materials to roll the tip of the material, to use the tip of the die, and to cut the tip of the head before drawing. It is mainly composed of rolling and deceleration transmission.


As a user, it is necessary to have a relevant understanding of the steel bar before using it. It is generally required to familiarize yourself with the use of the device to record the situation in order to understand the operation of the device. At the same time, before starting up, it is also necessary to conduct corresponding inspections so that problems can be found in time and problems can be resolved in time. The device is widely used, the structure of the device itself is novel, and the transmission is stable and reliable.


Combined with the actual application situation, it can be seen that the steel bar rolling tip has the advantages of small size, safe performance, simple operation, low noise, high production efficiency, and easy maintenance. It has already become a necessary equipment for various metal wire processing. . Note that before starting up, you need to pick up things and debris on the job site and the machine tool. When adjusting the gap of the roller, remember that the gap pressure cannot be too large to avoid cracking the material.


In addition, in the process of rolling tip, care should be taken to gradually pressurize the Rebar pointing machineand it is not possible to roll it into a single roll. And according to the practice scale of the wool material, how many shapes and hardness, etc. to determine whether it meets the requirements. It is not allowed to directly process unannealed bar stocks to avoid crushing rolls or disintegrating broken pieces to injure others. When the operator throws down, pay attention to the safety of people around.


In addition, the material rolled over the tip of the steel bar tip should be properly placed and its position should be properly oriented so that the channel cannot be blocked. In addition, it is necessary to put the waste materials and corners left in the designated position. Other irrelevant personnel must not approach the materials and equipment being rolled. Operators pay attention to gathering strength, sticking to their posts, and ensuring that the Rebar pointing machineoperates stably.