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Inverted Vertical Wire Drawing Machine Operating Specifications, You Do It?
- Jun 30, 2017 -

As a user, we must be on the inverted vertical wire drawing machine equipment operation norms clear in the heart, then, you know which includes the main content of it? Only the real master of these content, we actually use the inverted vertical wire drawing machine equipment, can be more handy. Here we are for you to introduce this content, hoping to help to everyone.

The first, the vertical wire drawing machine equipment operators in the open before the equipment, you must first wear the appropriate protective tools, such as wearing protective gloves should be used before they can work. This is not only to ensure the quality of the product, but also to protect ourselves.

The second, before opening the equipment, we also need to carefully check the equipment, the gas pipeline is leaked and processed.

 Inverted Vertical Wire Drawing Machine.jpg

The third, when the inspection is completed and confirmed correct, we should also be installed in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding drawing belt. When installing, be sure to ensure that the direction of the inside of the drawing belt is the same as the direction of the arrow on the drawing roller. In addition, should also check and ensure that the inverted wire drawing machine on the lower bearing and lifting screw lubrication in good condition. After the determination of the location of the material when no one can boot.

The fourth, when the inverted wire drawing machine equipment is running, the staff should promptly check the belt of the swing in the normal range. If there are abnormal problems, it should be shut down in time to adjust. During the operation of the equipment, the staff shall not leave the scene for no reason, and should pay attention to observe the operation of the equipment, the problems need to be adjusted in time.

Finally, if it is found that there is an abnormal problem after starting the inverted vertical wire drawing machine, the device should be shut down immediately and viewed and repaired to avoid failure. In the maintenance process, it should also turn off the total power, and signs are strictly prohibited operation, so as to avoid accidents.

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