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Inverted wire drawing machine application and parameter description
- Sep 23, 2017 -

1. Application of inverted wire drawing machine

Inverted wire drawing machine, is designed for the broader market repeated without tumbling operations designed a wire drawing machine. Its function, there are wire and wire drawing these two functions. So, especially for low, medium and high carbon steel wire, and stainless steel wire drawing. In addition, some coarse specifications of non-ferrous metal wire, but also can use this wire drawing machine, to pull the get.


2. The structure and technical parameters of the inverted wire drawing machine

Drive system: strong narrow V-band with reducer drive

Speed control mode: AC frequency control

Take the way: if it is active, it is adjustable, in addition, the car can automatically walk.

Reel diameter: 560-750mm

Number of reels: 1 to 2

Line diameter: to 6.5-12mm

Drawing speed: Normally, it is below 45 m / min.

Equipment weight: no more than 4000 kg

Common dimensions (length × width × height): 3000 × 1500 × 2500mm


3. inverted roller drawing machine below the collection basket, its professional name, what is it? In addition, in the choice of reducer, mainly to see what?

Inverted wire drawing machine below the collection basket, its professional name is for the closing line. In the selection of the wire reducer, it is mainly to see the size of the wire drawing machine, and drawing material, and by them to decide, but in general, is the hardened surface of the reducer.


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