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Main Features and Application of Steel Wire Butt Welding Machine
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Steel wire butt welding machine belongs to a special equipment for welding all kinds of steel wire. From the structural design analysis, the overall structure compact and reasonable, reliable, do not need to use any flux can be easily welded. For the user, the wire butt welder easy to operate, flexible workplace, greatly simplifying the welding work, and operating skills easy to grasp.


In practice, whether it is the breaking force, jaw distance, or the current size of the device can be adjusted by the user according to actual needs. During the use of a wire butt welder, the weldment is clamped to the electrode, enabling automatic feed welding and manual feed welding.


Overall, the advantages of steel wire butt welding machine is mainly reflected in three aspects: 1, low price; 2, low failure rate; 3, forming a good, high efficiency. In short, the device belongs to a steel wire contact butt welding ideal energy efficient equipment.


Under normal circumstances, the components of wire butt welder mainly include transformers, fixed electrode holders, mobile electrode holders, welding feed mechanisms and control systems. The welding mechanism part includes two parts: fixed electrode and moving electrode. The moving electrode moves on the two guide shafts, depending on the rotation of the joystick.


The use of steel wire butt welding machine are described below:


Before proceeding with welding, adjust the distance between the wire and the welder according to the shape of the welding part. Make sure that the welding part is clamped to the electrode and align the center line of the two welding parts, and then adjust the distance between the jaws. Welding the weldment end face processing, in order to ensure good contact, and select the appropriate current stalls.


After the above operation is completed, the staff should also be appropriate to turn the wire butt welding machine feed handle, in order to make the jaws to get the maximum distance, and then clamp the electrode on the weld, and then feed the wire to the welding handle Put back to the original place, press the switch, the power can be connected to the welding.