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Main features of the inverted wire drawing machine and wire drawing process
- Aug 21, 2018 -

The inverted vertical wire drawing machine is mainly suitable for the continuous production process of large wire wire, because its take-up reel is significant; and the equipment is simple to operate, the control is simple and reliable, the production safety is strong, and the maintenance is convenient. Since the inverted wire drawing machine adopts a three-phase AC variable frequency speed control system, it can realize smooth stepless speed regulation and save more than 30% of electricity.


The drawing of the inverted wire drawing machine is a surface treatment process. The aluminum plate is used as a substrate to force the metal through the mold under the action of external force, the cross-sectional area of the metal is compressed, and the required cross-sectional shape and size are obtained. Technical processing methods.


The drawing board treated by the inverted wire drawing machine is made of high-quality aluminum plate as the base material, which has superior performance, bright, uniform, stable and long-lasting surface, satisfying the pursuit of high quality and fashion sense of consumers, and can be rubbed with stainless steel wire drawing. Compared with the United States, the rust remover has a clear texture, uniform temperature resistance, weather resistance, fire resistance, and is resistant to dirt and easy to clean.