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Main structure and characteristics of single chain cold draw bench
- Apr 26, 2018 -

In comparison, one of the advantages of the single chain cold draw bench is that its own structural design is simple and its operation is convenient. In actual production, the single-chain single-wire type used for this type of single-chain cold-drawing equipment is drawn. Under normal circumstances, its drawing speed is about 14m per minute, and the maximum length after drawing is 9m.


From the analysis of the structure of the single chain cold draw bench, the main components included are: main motor, main reducer, pull die seat assembly, drive sprocket seat assembly, trolley assembly, trolley drive, bed assembly, and core bar Devices, electronic control systems, and anchor bolts.


We know that for a single-chain cold-drawing station, the chain is a very important component. In other words, we can improve the reliability and service life of the chain by improving the structure of the chain chain, adjusting the gap between the chain plate, pins, rollers and improving the lubrication conditions of the chain. Improve the use of equipment and extend the life of the equipment.


At the same time, in the process of structural improvement of the single chain cold draw bench, reliability design analysis can also be performed on its main chain link plate. The study found that, under the same conditions, the reliability design can reduce the thickness of the chain plate by 25% compared with the conventional design, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost and production cost of the equipment.


In fact, in the single chain cold draw bench, it mainly adopts a plate-type single-chain transmission structure, and at the same time, the corresponding automatic plug-in rod device is configured to realize cold-drawing processing of round steel, section steel, steel pipe, copper row and the like. There are two kinds of horizontal and vertical models for pulling a single-chain cold-drawing table. There are two types of single-rooted and double-rooted single-drawing trolleys, which can meet the needs of different users.