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Metal coil uncoiler machine steps
- Nov 22, 2018 -

In order to extend the life of the metal coil uncoiler, we need to carefully carry out its daily maintenance.

Metal coil uncoiler machine steps

1. Fill the oil cup lubrication and manual lubrication points as required.

2. Roll the plate according to the parameters specified by the unwinder. The thickness of the coil is 20mm, the maximum length is 2500mm, and the yield limit of the coil material is less than 250Mpa.

3. After the power is turned on, the metal coil uncoiler performs the lifting motion of the lower roller in the forward and reverse directions and the upper roller to check whether the movement is abnormal or not.

4. The metal coil uncoiler needs to operate strictly according to the uncoiler coil processing procedure and operation method. When the upper roller is lifted to the limit position, it is necessary to pay great attention to the safe operation of the equipment.

5. Metal coil uncoiler machine When the main drive is stopped, the upper roller can be lifted and lowered, the tilting of the inverted bearing and the lifting of the upper roller.

6. If abnormal noise, shock, etc. are found during operation, stop the inspection immediately.

7. In the operation, each person should coordinate with each other and listen to the command of the person in charge of the coil. Without a password, it is forbidden to start the machine.