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Metal Rolling Mill Development, Maintenance and Monitoring
- Apr 19, 2018 -

The so-called metal rolling mill mainly refers to the equipment that realizes the rolling process of various metal materials, including the equipment that completes the entire process of rolling material production, such as major equipment, auxiliary equipment, lifting and transportation equipment, and auxiliary equipment. Commonly referred to as metal rolling mills often refer to major equipment.


The development of metal rolling mills:


According to the analysis of current development trends, in the coming period, the development trend of metal rolling mills will develop in the direction of continuous, automation, specialization, high product quality, and low consumption. In fact, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the production level, the domestic industry has made great progress in design, research and manufacturing. At the same time, it has also made the equipment performance more perfect, and also further improved the production efficiency.


Not only that, various types of metal rolling mills have more and more abundant product models, which meet the requirements of different users. In addition, the single-material increase in raw materials, hydraulic AGC, shape control, electronic computer program control and testing methods are more and more perfect, rolling varieties continue to expand. Some rolling mills, which are suitable for new rolling methods such as continuous casting and rolling and controlled rolling, as well as various special structures adapted to new product quality requirements and improved economic efficiency, are also under continuous development.


Metal mill repair, maintenance and monitoring:


As a user, during the use of a metal rolling mill, not only should the operating skills be regulated, but also maintenance and monitoring must be enhanced to extend its service life.


First of all, the quality of lubrication work should be ensured. The specific requirements are: Keeping the lubricating oil roads good, and selecting suitable lubricant products, and regularly filling the lubricants enough to ensure rolling surfaces and rollers and flanges of the rolling mills of metal rolling mills. The sliding surface keeps the oil lubricated.


Second, during the operation of the metal rolling mill, the staff also needs to regularly check the sealing quality of the seals and replace the damaged seals in time. To ensure the sealing performance of the bearing to prevent water, iron oxide skin into the bearing and prevent leakage of lubricant.


In addition, it is necessary to actively carry out monitoring of the operating conditions of the metal rolling mill in conjunction with the actual operating conditions. The test items for the operation state of the metal rolling mill mainly include: noise monitoring, lubricant monitoring, temperature monitoring and the like.