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Overall structural arrangement of H beam straightening machine
- Jan 03, 2019 -

Straightening of the profile is the final step from the billet to the finished product, and the straightening operation is required according to the production process requirements. In the past, there were many defects in the model. For this purpose, an H-shaped steel straightening machine was specially designed, which mainly included components such as a frame, a straightening roller, a pressing device and a driving device.


In the H beam straightening machine, the first row of straightening rollers are arranged in parallel with the second row of straightening rollers, and the respective roller gaps correspond to the pressing device for driving the first row of straightening rollers to move in the vertical direction by the pressing device. ; H-steel straightening machine drive motor, reducer and distribution box; the frame consists of the bottom plate, two sets of support frame and beam.


The beam of the H beam straightening machine frame is provided with a plurality of mounting holes for mounting the roller system on the straightening roller; a plurality of columns are arranged between the adjacent two mounting holes; H-shaped steel is arranged between each column, and each column is arranged The bottom end is provided with a bearing housing for mounting the lower roller system of the straightening roller.


The H beam straightening machine with similar structure not only solves the problems of low stiffness of the steel straightening machine frame, but also adapts to the problem of straightening steel. It is also easy to maintain, easy to automate, improve work efficiency, and has received more users. Favor.