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Precautions before rolling of Steel cold rolling mill
- Oct 12, 2017 -

What are the problems that steel cold rolling mill should pay attention to in practical work? There must be a lot of friends interested in this issue, you know, we must be familiar with these issues, in the course of the operation to be able to better play the role of steel cold rolling mill equipment and value. Here we come to introduce the specific content, hoping to help everyone.

Typically, after the start of the steel cold rolling mill equipment, will automatically synchronize the opening of the corresponding emulsion system and air purge system. In the process of wearing the belt, if you encounter the problem of strip deviation from the center line, you should manually activate the guide device, and gently tap the strip, so close to the device centerline to continue to wear. In addition, before or during the wear process, the operator needs to set the parameters of the equipment according to the production requirements.

In fact, during the operation of the steel cold rolling mill, we may also encounter some other problems, such as the strip shape through the operation of the positive bending and negative bending roll, roll emulsion nozzle tube in the process, if found in which There is asymmetry and other issues, it should be timely adjustment by hand. And when the first pass is to be completed, the speed should be reduced to the flick speed.

It is important to note that if the strip is about to be rolled, the worker needs to lower the splint on the inlet side of the steel mill and hold the strip so as to maintain sufficient tension so that The strip between the splint and the unwinder on the inlet side loses its tension.

In short, in the steel cold rolling mill equipment work process, the staff need to combine the actual situation to make appropriate adjustments. Normally, the inlet tension winder and the outlet tension coiler should maintain a certain tension until all rolling passes are completed.

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