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Precision Tube Chipless Cutting and Straightening Machine
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Straightening Machine Basic Info       

Type:Balance Roller Straightening Machine
Usage:Wire, Pipe, Bar
Automatic Grade:Automatic
Principle:Small Deformation
Avaliable Tube Diameter:up to 1 Inch
Pipe Material:Copper, Aluminum
Transport Package:Angle Iron Frame and Human Made Wooden Sheet Box
Origin:Jiangsu,wuxi, China

Straightening Machine Product Description

Uncoil copper tube/pipe, aluminum tube/pipe.
Straightening copper or aluminum tube/pipe.
Automatically cutting pipes to setting distance and quantity.
Main Characteristics
The device belongs to one kind of fixed length and cutting tube equipment, mainly used for cutting various sizes and wall thickness of copper pipe and aluminum pipe into set length accordingly.
Depending on the subsequent processing needs, can choose "Rotary Chipless Cutting" or "High Speed Saw Blade Cutting" relatively.
Simple operation, pipe cutting edge smooth and no burr.
Cooperated with "Bidirectional Pipe Decoiler", with pneumatic brake function, ensure the synchronism of pipe feeding and pipe cutting,
Can effectively prevent pipe damaged phenomenon of feed the tube suddenly too long or too fast due to inertia effect, further ensure the tube cutting quality.

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