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Pressure and use distance of steel wire butt welding machine
- Sep 18, 2018 -

In the process of making the steel wire butt welding machine, it mainly consists of a transformer, a fixed electrode holder, a moving electrode holder (ie, a jaw), a welding feeding mechanism (pressurizing mechanism), and a control system. The part of the wire butt welder comprises two parts, a fixed electrode and a moving electrode, and the moving electrode is moved to the left and right by the rotation of the joystick on the two guide shafts.

The wire butt welder's jaws are pressurized with an eccentric wrench, so that the weldment can be clamped to the electrode. The pressure can be rotated to adjust the handle to the appropriate adjustment. The moving electrode can be used to complete the welding and extrusion. Pressure process. Mainly includes feed handle, pitch screw, spring screw and spring.

The rotary feed handle of the steel wire butt welding machine allows the moving electrode to obtain a working stroke of more than 15 mm in both extreme positions. The rotary pitch screw can change the distance between the two electrodes, and the top spring screw can be adjusted to obtain an appropriate upsetting pressure. It is cut off and connected to the power supply by the large button switch. When welding, the gear position of the split switch is adjusted according to the size of the weldment to obtain the no-load voltage required for the secondary coil. The left and right electrodes are respectively connected to the secondary coil of the welding transformer through the multi-layer copper soft joint.